About Right Brain Aerobics: Minds of the Future

Techniques for building mind-power, increasing innovative, creative, intuitive thinking, generating new ideas "on the fly" by using the brain differently.

Drawn from 7 Components and the Right Brain Aerobics Training Manuals, created by Sandra H. Rodman, CEO:
Volume 1, "Right Brain Start Up: The Power of Right Brain Aerobics (Components 1-3) and Volume 2, "RIght Brain Aerobics: Mind Shift & Culture Change" (Components 4-7) by Sandra H. Rodman.

  • Access your own unexpected Higher Creative Intelligence & "Inner Genius Q&A." Become your own "Inner Yoda" coach for higher levels of insight and inspiration with deeper alpha state mind training and Right Brain Aerobics techniques.
  • Use the brain differently to generate creative-innovative ideas "on the fly" in alpha brain state accessing "outlier" strategies for problem assessment and solutions. Learn "The Idea Factory" technique and "20 Ways to Move into Positive Energy" using RBA Techniques.
  • Learn techniques to develop daily mind-building skills, mental acumen, greater creativity and intuition -- for greater achievements and performance acceleration.
  • Learn to Right-Brainstorm new innovative ideas in all sessions, which can greatly enhance thinking, mental flexibility, and career advancement.
  • Learn to use techniques to explore new mental terrain, unfamiliar but rich creative bursts of "aha! ideas" waiting for discovery -- while right brain-storming with other explorers.
  • Learn to use mind-building techniques for stress reduction, deeper mental focus and concentration -- and increased understanding, empathy, and compassion.
  • Learn Right Brain / Left Brain strategy checklists for more perceptive strategic and critical thinking.
  • Increase understanding and abilities for creative communications and improved relationships.
Right Brain Aerobics has been conducted for executives of Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Stevenson University, Pittsburgh Public Schools Cabinet, CNN/Turner Broadcasting, Association of Internal Management Consultants, Information Technology Senior Managment Forum's Creativity & Innovation Learning Portal and more... Sandra H. Rodman, CEO/Creator is a former VP, Merrill Lynch, Senior Director, AT&T Wireless, in Technology/ Communications/ ECommerce innovation and a former director, Phoenix House Foundation, NYC, with decades in creative/theater arts, meditative-intuitive arts and advanced consciousness and sound healing practices. Former member, Foresight Nanotechnology Foundation, and former Board Member of Transition Whidbey Transition Towns, The Mirror Theater, and Potters Field Theater Company, NYC.

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