"A brilliant, accessible, practical, and energizing set of practices that would serve any individual and/or team." -- Victoria Castle, Corporate Trainer/Consultant

"Right Brain Aerobics is a great course. I now literally feel that I am using my brain fully and wholly. I never woke up before with so many ideas as I do now. Thumbs Up!“
--M.S., Fortune 500 Software Developer, HP

"Right Brain Aerobics training has taught me to access the powerfully creative right brain to generate new, exciting solutions to everyday business issues while providing an approach to make these out-of-the-box ideas executable in today's business world.” -- Marvin Balliet, Former Managing Director & COO, Merrill Lynch Banks

"I wanted to let you know how relevant and applicable the 'right brain' training we received during the ITSMF conference in Orlando has been.  I am responsible for facilitating the weekly superintendent cabinet meeting and implemented the 'right brain' exercise as part of our regular agenda.  I must say the exercise allows the team to focus more and think out of the box to work toward creative solutions for some of the many issues we face on a day to day basis." CIO, Public School System

"My Brain Is Working! My Brain Is Working! Use your whole brain--the creative and the organized--to solve problems with confidence and guts." B.J., Microsoft   

“Right Brain Aerobics unlocked a part of the brain I had ignored for too long. The self- imposed restraints that tied me to turning to left brain functions for business solutions were released. In the resulting freedom to really think out of the box, I found a new and powerful way to view business. No longer a matter of mere transactions, Sales, Marketing, Branding became processes infused with creativity and innovation. “Impossible Things” were replaced with ‘why not?’ I urge anyone who wants to augment their business approach with rich and powerful ways to conceive of and implement creative business strategies, to attend Right Brain Aerobics classes.” -- Chris Schacker, Former President, The Compage Company, San Francisco, CA

"Right Brain Aerobics has been designed to enable anyone to open the Right side of their brain, no matter how great a 'Lefty' they think they might be. The possibilities of this work are endless. The practices are both simple and powerful and can be used in any circumstance to create a deeper and more profound experience." -- Craig Weiner, D.C., Creator of Transformational Dialogues, Host, Change Your Mind Radio & Director, The Chiropractic Zone. See Dr. Craig's blogs on using Right Brain Aerobics: "Teaching Impossible Things: A Right Brainy Kind of Day" and "Unexpected Results When Beginning transformational Dialogues with Right Brain Start Up"

"With Right Brain Aerobics my conscious limitations dissolve into an expanded sense of freedom. Thought is effortless, boundless. I have access beyond my ordinary limits. I highly recommend it!" -- Roy Ozanne, M.D., H.M.D. 

"With Right Brain Aerobics, the inner genius of each individual as well as the collective genius of everyone in the organization will surprise and delight with amazing ideas and dreams previously thought impossible. Brainstorming sessions have resulted in samplings of how ping-ponging off each other’s ideas takes teams to higher places faster." -- Maya Hennessey, Maya Hennessey & Associates. Named by Counselor Magazine as one of the top 60 woman making a difference.

“Right Brain Aerobics may be a hidden goldmine for creative potential and the development of the process that is usually reserved for the rarely gifted.” – TJR, C.A.D.C., M.A., Psychology of Creative Process, formerly Therapist/Trainer Cadence Health

"Sandra Rodman & Right Brain Aerobics have just been absolutely fabulous! Very instrumental & helpful in changing & moving on in whatever direction I choose to!" Jody Bone, Gallery & Museum Glass Artist & Children's Book Author, "The Little House that Grew" -- Bulding Your Dreams!

"Nobody has ever provided both the insight into the human motivation psyche as you have -- and with a way of achieving self-actualization beyond what I would openly admit is what I am striving for.”  -- Chris Corrado, formerly CTO Ebay, CIO AT&T Wireless, Sr. VP Merrill Lynch

"Out of the box thinking? The lady has no box..." -- J. Helm, Ph.D., JHelm Associates, formerly Professor, Applied Physics, Columbia Univ. Chief Technology Architect, Merrill Lynch

"Sandra Rodman is a born creative and inspirational creature... She sees solutions where others cannot; goes 'places' where others don't dare." Yong Ma, Ph.D., formerly Director, Global Risk Management, Merrill Lynch

"This is the first time anyone has packaged all of this together for institutionalizing right brain thinking." -- Senior IBM Executive

“We are living in times where having the creative edge is paramount. Right Brain Aerobics is not 'old world’ training.  As a matter of fact, it will change your life, as it did mine and others.  I have attended several Right Brain Aerobics workshops. I did not want it to end!”  -- Sherry Lynn, Consultant

"It is remarkable to observe your out-of-the-box creative  thought processes. You  connect seemingly unrelated elements, then formulate wonderfully unconventional plans of action. You are always amazing! A synaptic wonder!" -- Sharon Lee Ritchie President/CEO, Humanscapes LLC, NYC

"Sandra Rodman has helped me achieve professional and personal fulfillment, to become an invaluable resource within a major financial corporation. I have learned how to prevent stress from overwhelming me and let positive energy surround me. I strongly recommend a session.  Within minutes, you will feel her energy which will inspire you to achieve your professional dreams." -- Jennifer G., VP, Financial Services, NYC